Global endless ratchet strap or one part lashing is a perfect reusable solution where there is a need to either hold or bundle items together quickly and easily. 

Ratchet lashing endless is commonly used in unitizing cargo placed over pallets in warehouses or unitizing loose cargo during transportation, endless ratchet straps provide a safe and secure solution to prevent damage.

Endless ratchet straps are exactly the same as tie-downs except endless ratchets don't have hooks, they feed straight back into the handle and fasten the load.

One part lashing is advantageous over PET, PP and cord straps in cases where a combination of more strength and reusable solution is desired.

Ratchet is a tensioning device that can be used in applications where custom controlled force is required to secure the cargo. Using an Endless Ratchet strap will ensure sufficient force to hold cargo together eliminating damage.

Ratchet lashing endless

Product Type Metal Fitting Size Breaking Strength System Strength
Ratchet 25mm(1’) 800kg/1000kg 1600kg/2000kg
Black Ratchet 25mm(1’) 800kg/1000kg 1600kg/2000kg
MS Handle Ratchet 25mm(1’) 1500kg 3000kg
Ratchet 35mm(1.37’) 1500kg/2000kg 3000kg/4000kg
Ratchet 50mm(2’) 2000kg to 5000kg 4000kg to 5000kg
Ratchet 75mm(3’) 8000kg/10000kg 16000kg/20000kg

How to use Ratchet lashing endless

To use a ratchet lashing endless, follow the steps below:

  1. Place the cargo to be secured in the desired location like cargo on pallets or together for unitizing. 
  2. Wrap the endless ratchet strap around the load that needs holding, looping it around  
  3. Hold the ratchet handle and begin tensioning in the direction that tightens the lashing strap.
  4. Make sure the lashing strap is tight and has no slack. 
  5. To release the lashing strap, hold the release lever and pull the strap out of the ratchet. 
  6. Store the ratchet lashing strap in a safe and secure location.

Remember to always use a ratchet lashing of appropriate strength and size for the cargo being secured.


Ratchet lashing endless straps are commonly used for securing heavy cargoes during transportation. There are several advantages to using them

Easy to use

Ratchet lashing endless straps are designed to be user-friendly, making them easy to use even for beginners. They consist of a ratchet buckle, a webbing belt and end fittings that can be attached to anchor points. The ratchet mechanism allows for quick and efficient tightening and loosening of the strap.


Ratchet lashing endless straps come in various lengths, widths, break strength and end fittings so they can be customized to suit different cargo types and transportation needs. They can be used to secure cargo on trucks, trailers, ships, and other types of transportation.


Ratchet lashing endless straps are made of high-quality materials like polyester webbing and steel, which makes them durable and long-lasting. They are also resistant to weathering, abrasion, and corrosion.


Ratchet lashing endless straps are designed to provide a secure and safe load restraint. They have a high working load limit and a breaking strength that ensures the cargo stays in place during transportation. The ratchet mechanism ensures a tight and secure grip on the cargo.


Compared to other types of cargo securing systems, ratchet lashing endless straps are affordable and cost-effective. They are reusable and require very little maintenance, making them a smart investment for any business involved in transporting goods.


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