Ratchet Lashing Belt

high load capacity

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ratchet lashing belt (ENDLESS)

Ratchet lashing belt, also known as one-part lashing, is made by sewing a high-tensile polyester belt with a metal end fitting. In warehousing or transportation environments, human and cargo safety is of utmost importance. In environments where there is a need to unify cargo or secure boxes placed on pallets, these security systems provide a great solution by keeping things safe and secure. 

These solutions come in different end fittings as follows:

  1. Buckle or Ratchet – Ratchet is a tensioning device that can be used in applications where custom force is required to secure the cargo. They come in different strengths and sizes 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm
  2. Cam Buckle – This is a buckle-like metal fitting that has spikes in it to hold the belt
  3. Velcro Lashing – This is an easy-to-use lashing system solution. It consists of velcro stitched at different points of the belt that stick and can hold the cargo without damaging it. 
orange colour Ratchet Lashing Belt
ratchet lashing system
orange ratchet belt

Ratchet Lashing Belt (DOUBLE PART)

A ratchet lashing system (tie-down) or double-part system is made up of 2 parts. The small part is made by sewing a high-toughness polyester belt to a tensioning device called a ratchet and a metal fitting that hinges on the travel belt. The long part is made by sewing the belt and an end fitting.

It is specifically designed to secure cargo traveling long distances on an open trailer or transport equipment. When a trailer moves on a road, it has to face challenges against uneven surfaces, sloping roads, and other forces acting on it. This can damage the cargo or lead to dangerous accidents if it is not protected. Ratchet-lashing tie-downs are the solution to this problem.

By using this system we can ensure the complete safety of the material traveling on the trucks. The system comes with a locking mechanism in the ratchet which does not allow the system to loosen. 

cargo secured with ratchet belt
image of ratchet lashing belt
Advantage of ratchet lashing system

Advantage of ratchet lashing system


Standardize Product

  • All the ratchet lashing systems are manufactured according to EN 12195-2:2001 standards


  • All these systems are completely reusable. They can be used multiple times and hence are very very cost-effective solutions.

Damage Free

  • This system is made from high tenacity polyester yarn which is soft and does not damage the material being used.

Uniform Webbing Strength

  • Breaking strength of the system is uniform, absorbs shocks and does not decrease or weaken with time.
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