metal buckles

More Stronger

wear resistant

available in many type

heat resistant

wire buckles

  • Available Size:
    • 13 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm & 32 mm.
    • Used for light lashing Applications.
wire buckles for light lashing materials
image of wire buckles

Frame / H Buckles

  • Forge Buckle & Welded Buckles.
  • Available in 40 mm & 50 mm Widths.
  • Used for heavy duty one way lashing system.
metal buckles for strapping
image of metal buckles for strapping
image of cam buckles

Cam Buckles

Available Size:

  • 25 mm & 35 mm.

Sheet Metal Buckles

Available Size:

  • 35 mm Width.
  • Used for moderate load capacity.
metal buckles for strapping
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