Cargo Lashing Belt

excellent elongation

high shock absorbency

Weather proof

Safe on products

What is cargo lashing belt?

Cargo loaded in a container when traveling on rough seas or roads, needs to be protected from internal damage. If the cargo is not lashed within the container, there is a possibility that the cargo has room to move and crash into each other or the inside walls of the container, damaging the cargo being carried. To protect cargo we have to tie it down with a belt called a cargo lashing belt

Cargo Lashing Belt
goods are secured with Cargo Lashing Belt
Cargo Lashing Belt used inside container

How to use Cargo Lashing Belt

Only 3 components are needed within the cargo lashing. A high-density polyester belt, buckle, or a metal secure component and a tensioner. Belts are fed through D-rings within the container or latched on using metal end fittings. The belt is then fitted to the metal buckle and tightened using a tensioner.

Ease of use, cost-effective components, and extreme safety of cargo make cargo lashing for containers attractive. Cargo lashing belts or one-way lashings come in different sizes depending on the customer’s requirements. Various sizes include 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 35mm, and 50mm.

Cargo Lashing Belt used for product
product fixed under container

Cargo Lashing Belt Features:


High strength

  • High strength, high elasticity, excellent elongation and retained tension.

High shock absorbency

  • Very high shock absorbency capacity and recovery.

Weather proof

  • Weather proof and high operative temperatures.


  • Safe on products, scratch free and rust free.


  • Lighter than steel, easy and fast to apply even in confined spaces.
High tensile strength
Suitable for all carriers
High retained tension
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