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Anti-Cut and Anti-Abrasive Slings

Webbing slings are specifically designed using high tenacity material that have sufficient strength to bear the weight of a load. This is essential for the safe lifting and securing of a load, however, this is not the only feature that determines the application of the webbing slings.

An important requirement for a sling is its suitability for a specific type of load. Besides the weight, webbing slings are subjected to cuts from sharp-edges of the load. In the case of steel coils and other similar material, the slings need to be chosen more carefully, as these types of material are more likely to cause cuts in the ropes. Prolonged use of slings and exposure to harsh industry conditions also cause abrasion, which reduces the longevity of slings. This makes it important to use anti-cut and anti-abrasion webbing sleeves for the protection of the webbing slings.

Anti-Cut Slings

The anti-cut sleeves are woven of high-modulus, polyethylene-based material, which is cut-resistant. Due to this, these slings can be safely used to lift heavy objects with sharp edges. To maintain the flexibility of slings in diverse operations, anti-cut sleeves are available in various dimensions, with each one being suitable for a specific configuration. Additionally, it is also possible to have them in clear material, so that the condition of the sling underneath can be inspected without having to remove the sleeve. It is also possible to combine an anti-cut sleeve with anti-abrasion features for additional safety.

Anti-Abrasive Slings

anti abrasive sling

An anti-abrasion sleeve is made of polyurethane-based material which plays the role of protecting the sling from scraping and wearing that occurs from continuously using the sling. These sleeves can be sliding, which means they can move over the sling as and when needed. Lifting where the sling has to be moved is not suitable, as the sleeves tend to slip with movement and would not serve the purpose of protecting the sling. In such a case, another type of anti-abrasive sleeve can be stitched onto the sling, so that it remains fixed on the sling. Another useful option is using a velcro-type sleeve which can be fixed and removed as per the operator’s discretion. All in all, the slings are designed considering the convenience and safety of the lifting operations.

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