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Importance of Lashing in Equipment Moving

Lashing is a vital component of the packaging operation. The extent of investment done by packaging companies in lashing operations speaks volumes about the importance of this operation. However, lashing for equipment-moving has its own significance. The reasons due to which the lashing operation is carried out for an equipment during transit, are as follows:


SafetyLashing Method

Undoubtedly, the foremost reason for lashing an equipment is safety. The heavy equipment needs to be placed well in a cargo, to limit its movement in the transit. During transportation, the cargo undergoes sudden movements that can be harmful to the equipment. If it is not secured properly with an appropriate lashing system, the products may come loose, resulting in a disastrous outcome that can potentially end with a worker experiencing serious fatalities or even a permanent disability.


Improper lashing can undeniably lead to damage to an equipment. Even in maritime shipping, the equipment to be transported needs to be secured by the shipping company. If an equipment is delivered in non-workable condition or with a minor damage, it reflects badly upon the business. Therefore, lashing is not only important for safety, but also for the delivery of products in a manner that is reliable.

Insurance Claims

A significant number of accidents occur due to cargo fissures every year. A company is entitled to claim insurance for damages faced during such incidents, however, an important premise to claim that insurance is adequate lashing. If the damage comes from any other factor, the applicant would be covered under an insurance policy considering lashing to have been done in a secure manner. Thus, lashing helps safeguard other kinds of cargo failures.

Regulation of Safety Laws

Considering the impact cargo failure may have on the safety of workers, reputation and finances of the company, lashing is considered a mandatory practice. Lack of lashing or lashing done improperly may subject a company to legal liability. Therefore, this is not an operation that can be given a miss. On the contrary, lashing is one of the most detail-oriented tasks while loading an equipment for transit.

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