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Uses of Multi-leg Slings

Heavy-duty lifting operations can be performed using a variety of slings. For heavy loads, a regular sling can be tied around the load using a basket hitch or a choker hitch. However, for loads heavier than expected, it is safer to use a multi-leg sling. This is a tool that has multiple slings which are all connected at one point on the lifting link. There may be two to four slings that can be tied to different points on the load to be moved. In addition to being corrosion- and weather-resistant, there are several other benefits that a multi-leg sling provides over a single leg sling.


Lifting Heavy Loads

A multi-leg sling is designed to evenly distribute the weight of the load among the legs of the sling. It is used in a way that the center of gravity is kept in the middle of the lifting arrangement. This way, the heavier loads can be lifted easily and safely for loading. It is possible to lift a load which is up to 15,000 kilograms using a multi-leg sling. This may not be possible with a single-leg sling. The rated capacity of all the slings is the same, so one can move heavier objects around.

Stability in Lifting

Since the weight of the load is uniformly distributed, the operation provides more stability while lifting. There are certain loads which may not be too heavy, but they have a high degree of movement during the operation. This kind of movement while lifting is not safe, as it becomes more difficult to handle the weight. It can also lead to an injury due to the unnecessary swinging motion of the load, but when it is connected at multiple points, the weight is balanced and movement around its center of gravity becomes restricted. This allows for a safer operation.

Moving Oddly-shaped Loads

An even bigger challenge in lifting operations is moving objects that do not have a symmetric shape. When lifted, such loads are at a bigger risk of injuring the workers, as finding a center of gravity for such objects is difficult. If connected with a single-leg sling, such loads tend to lose balance and become a safety hazard. In such cases, lifting a load with a multi-leg sling makes the operation much safer. One still needs to try many times to check if the load is balanced or not while lifting, but the risk of the load coming loose due to imbalance is reduced considerably. So, for such loads, choosing a multi-leg sling is a wiser decision.

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