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Endless Ratchet Lashing System

A lashing system is undoubtedly one of the simplest yet most important components in the shipping industry. It mainly consists of webbing and a ratchet which also acts as a tensioning device. Speaking of an endless ratchet lashing system, it is the assembly that does not have any hooks on the ends. The endless ratchet lashing system has a buckle which plays the role of both a hook and a tensioner. It can be used to secure the cargo as well as the pallets. Using an endless ratchet lashing is an easy task. All that is required is placing the webbing around the load and wrapping it with the help of the buckle. The ratchet handle is then turned until the webbing fits snugly around the load. The movement of the ratchet tightens the lashing.


ratchet lashing system

Lashing used in an endless ratchet lashing system is made of polyester fabric, which has high tensile strength. This material is durable and is sufficiently resistant to minor abrasions, however, regular inspections are a must. Its strength makes it suitable for loads ranging between 1 and 10 tons. The strength of this webbing varies according to its strap, which may be available in the width of 25mm, 50mm or 75 mm. The wider the strap, the higher its load-carrying capacity. To inform the buyers about the breaking strength of the system, the webbings are colour-coded. Additionally, these are marked with the minimum breaking strength, in order to allow appropriate lashing to be used. The ratchet is marked with a code that allows tracking the lashing system and, thus, the entire shipment.

ratchet lashing sys


An endless ratchet lashing system is reusable, which adds to the savings cost. The use of high-quality material ensures that one unit lasts for several years, however, proper storage is also a factor that affects the durability of the lashing system. It is advisable to keep it away from acids and alkalis. The ratchet buckle is made of strong rust-resistant material, but prolonged use can deteriorate this quality. Therefore, it is wise to inspect the buckle for rust, which can be visibly spotted, if present. The breaking strength applies to all components of the system, webbing and buckle, to guarantee its safety. Moreover, an endless ratchet lashing system is designed in compliance with EN 12195-2:2001, which is a European guideline to ensure the safety of working with such systems.

The customization and reusability of an endless ratchet lashing system makes it an industry-wide popular choice. The system is convenient to use, reliable and adequately equipped to secure a variety of loads and pallets.

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