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car lashing system

Car Lashing System

A reliable lashing system may be needed for transporting vehicles, especially cars. For this purpose, aptly designed car lashing systems are used, which have the required properties to withstand the weight of the load. To put it simply, a car lashing consists of a strap, a ratchet and other fittings to secure the cars during transport. The reliance upon such a lashing system can be determined by various factors.

A reliable car lashing system must be designed in compliance with EN 12195-2, which pertains to the European standards. A 100% polyester material which is stretch- and chafe-resistant and durable, is to be used for the strap. It is important to use water-proof and dust-proof material to eliminate any factors that tamper with the usability of such material.

The strap should be able to endure as much as a 20,000 kilogram force. This is the lashing capacity. While manufacturing, it is ensured that a safety factor of twice the lashing capacity is incorporated to provide a cushion for any sudden force. To reduce any fatal accidents due to elongation of the strap, a stretch factor of no more than 7% is allowed. This ensures the straps are not lengthened during transit.

The rules, when it comes to the lashing capacity and safety factors, are also implemented in all the fittings attached to the lashing system, which are crafted out of galvanized, non-aging steel. The attachment points may consist of a J-hook, clawed hook or a two-piece hook. Each lashing system should be colour-coded to identify its suitability for a given purpose. Additionally, the strap should also have a label with instructions on it.

Another important consideration for a car lashing system is the inclusion of all sorts of lashing arrangements. The lashing capacity is determined keeping in mind the diagonal strapping, horizontal and vertical lashing angle, so that no failure occurs while using a specific tie-down scheme.

The meticulous design and specifications included in the manufacturing process of a car lashing system only highlight the importance of safe transportation. It is pertinent to consider these safety standards while contemplating the purchase of a car lashing system.

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