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air dunnage bags

What are Air Dunnage Bags?

When cargos are loaded, boxes can be stacked next to each other to limit any movement in the cargo during transit. With a number of forces acting upon the cargo, there is a high possibility of the packages getting damaged. To minimize the damage to the boxes from any external forces, it is better to place a material between the loads that can cushion them. A soft material filling the empty spaces can absorb the shock experienced from sudden movements, thereby providing a layer of safety to the shipment.

Air dunnage bags are normally what companies use to achieve a cushioning effect. They prevent losses in transit, much like how an airbag in a car protects the passenger, in case of an accident. Air dunnage bags are designed with a material carrying a high-load stabilizing capacity that enables them to withstand high pressure and prevent the load from shifting. The bags are filled with air at a certain pressure. The coating of air dunnage bags is designed to preserve the air pressure inside, which is vital for cushioning.

Types Of Air Dunnage Bags

There are different types of air dunnage bags that primarily differ in the material they are made of. A poly-woven bag is an inner layer of polyethylene that is tightly sealed, with the outer fabric weaved out of polyethylene. In addition, there are paper bags which are made of multiple layers of ply paper coated with polyethylene. Paper bags are disposable, but they can be recycled. Other than this, there are nylon bags and valeron films made with multiple laminations to provide the required resistance to load shifting.

Vinyl air dunnage bags are manufactured according to weather conditions. When a cargo is to be transported under constantly changing temperature, vinyl air dunnage bags can be used, which expand or contract depending on the temperature and altitude. Besides elasticity, vinyl bags are also suited to brace odd-shaped boxes in the cargo. Air dunnage bags are available in different sizes, so they can be used to fill any type of void, small or large, in the cargo. Their specifications are dependent on their resistance to load shifting and their load-stabilizing capacity. Some air dunnage bags can be reused depending upon the type of load and how these are handled. However, each type of air dunnage bag is of adequate importance in the transport industry, due to the bag’s evident benefits in safe shipping.

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